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Our use of cutting edge technologies means that unlike many traditional funds, we are able to offer management services to those who have significantly smaller starting capital. In our case the minimum required investment for each individual client is USD 1000. We realize that to many this number appears to be very low and some might even state that this means we are aggressively seeking investors. While everyone is entitled to their opinion and views, we believe that in order to meet one of our core goals and be a fund that is truly accessible to a larger part of the worlds population, we can not simply market ourselves exclusively to those who have millions of dollars at their disposal.  In addition, the use of the latest technology means that having such low initial requirements for investors is actually financially feasible. Therefore we will not waste anytime defending our views and let our results do the talking. Indeed, as technology advances even further, we may lower the requirements in future. We want to be a fund for everyone, regardless of how large their financial muscles are.