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One of our most unique features is that all client funds remain under the control of the client at all times. Our investment managers simply have a limited power of attorney to conduct investment transactions on behalf of the client via the use of G-10 regulated trading platforms. At all times each client will have their funds in an individual Australian regulated (ASIC) bank account from which they can deposit and withdraw as desired at a moments notice.

At Tajaraz, we believe that this flexibility is very reassuring for clients as they will at all times have access to their funds. Unlike traditional funds which believe in taking custody of client funds and holding on to them for agreed terms, we are able to utilise the latest cutting-edge technology and management systems to ensure that we provide a more flexible and modern solution. We operate under the principle that all times a client should remain in control without their funds being held hostage and our philosophy for client retention is very simple. While we continue to outperform and generate respectable returns for our clients, they will stay with us.

Having complete access to your funds at all times is just one of the many advantages Tajaraz has over more traditional funds.