Mutually beneficial relationship and shared risk.

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We believe in order for a fund to be sustainable, it has to value its clients. In order to value your clients you have to respect them and safeguard their interests. Only under such an arrangement can both the fund and its clients prosper in the long run. In this respect, 95% of the investment managers out there have let their clients down and failed to do the right thing by them.

This is where Tajaraz is different from other funds and changes the industry with our core values:

1.) Your Success Is Our Success:

Unlike other funds which charge management fees regardless of performance, we only charge 10% (correct half the industry standard) of all profits we earn for you. We do not reward failure at Tajaraz. If we do not make money for our clients, we do not charge them any fees. It is that simple. If we generate you a profit of 1,000,000 dollars, we charge you 100,000 dollars. If we do not make you a profit, we do not charge you a single cent in management fees.

2.) We Are In This Together:

As of 15th October 2017, more than 76% of the equity in the account belongs to the founding partners at Tajaraz. Should our investments prove unprofitable, we have more to lose than our clients. Therefore, it is of interest to us that we perform to the best of our ability as we are not “simply taking risks with other people’s money”.