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Tajaraz has the philosophy that all clients should be aware of how their money is being managed at all times. We appreciate how hard everyone has worked in order to make their money and therefore we feel that it is basic common courtesy that everyone should be able to see how it is being handled in real time. To this effect, we leverage the latest multi-platform technology that ensures each client can login and see the performance of their investments at any time of the day.

In addition, and in the interest of fairness, each client will receive a summary at the end of every day which will detail all active investments as well as new and closed investments during the last 24 hour period. In order to enhance the reliability of these reports, this service is provided by an Australian regulated (ASIC) entity and the clients bank.

At Tajaraz we believe that full disclosure and transparency in our dealings is the best way to show our clients the extent of our respect for their right to stay informed and be in the loop. We pride ourselves in setting a new standard across the industry for this openness.